rent a kitchen

So, you need a kitchen? We have just the thing for you!

Your kitchen hire includes use of professional kitchen appliances, cooking utensils (excluding knives) and cleaning equipment. Ambient and temperature controlled storage spaces are available for the duration of the booking. Additional storage requirements can be accommodated and will incur a small fee.

As a member of Kitchen Sync, you’ll not only gain access to fantastic kitchen facilities, but also kitchen skills workshops, exclusive pop-up opportunities, business support and advice, and an ongoing relationship with the local Environmental Health department.

Check the calendar for details of our available kitchens.

We like to get to know our kitchen users, so call us anytime for a chat or complete the application form.

Before booking a kitchen, you will also need to provide the following:

Level 2 Food & Hygiene Certificate

Proof of Public Liability Insurance

Photo ID and Proof of Address

We believe in keeping things simple and clear. Here are the costs you can expect to pay:

Application fee                                                                £20

Security deposit                                                               £100 per year

Hourly kitchen rental rate (minimum 4 hours)                  from £15 per hour


Ambient, chilled and frozen storage prices will be dependent on the space required/available.